In the fast changing business environments, businesses are often left behind due to lack of technology solutions which help them in improving their efficiency through proper management of internal systems.

Software and ERP Solutions companies across the globe primarily cater to either the big enterprises, limiting their reach to a particular segment. Thus there is a huge gap in the market as ERP solutions for growing businesses are concerned.

Clixofy, an Indian company has come up with ERP solutions focused primarily towards businesses across sectors which till now have not been able to upgrade themselves. India being huge in market size has varied business requirements for different business enterprises. The company offers web based ERP solutions to businesses across industries. Solutions being offered by the company are totally customizable. Any business can make the requisite changes and get the software as per their needs.

All the products on offer are moderately priced to suit the budgets of the businesses.

Every Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems on offer by Clixofy is designed specifically for organizations which are looking to organize and manage their business functions into a centralized and integrated system.

BE it supply chain, Inventory and distribution our ERP solutions offer one stop solutions in keeping  track of all the moving parts of manufacturing and distribution. Organizational time management, staff payroll management etc.

Every detail is stored in the cloud based database allowing all departments to work as a cohesive unit with enhanced efficiency. Data once stored can additionally, can be organized, analyzed and made into reports.


  • To be the organization known for customer centricity.
  • Prioritize customers’ needs by offering convenience and low prices
  • Where businesses are treated as partners.
  • To offer to business ease of doing business.
  • To offer customers the best products at lowest possible prices.
  • To offer to customers products so good, they couldn’t imagine going back to the old way.

Why Cloud Based ERP

TO implement any ERP can be a challenge for any enterprise. Systems need to be precise, prompt and technologically advance are the problem areas in implementing the ERP systems.

Enterprise resource planning software is used to manage a number of business functions, but how is it any better than other solutions? Even though ERP may have similar goals to other solutions, its unique features make it a distinctive competitor in the software market.

There are many advantages of implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. Among countless advantages, implementing ERP software can improves productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes.

Cloud based ERPS are becoming more and more common across industries. Cloud ERP systems utilize a mainly web browser or web service to communicate.

Cloud based ERPS offers certain advantages like

  • Implement Quickly- Cloud-based systems mainly utilizes the web, because updates are implemented without human-interaction hence  the implementation is quick.
  • Data and Integration Enhancement- With cloud-based ERP systems being primarily web-oriented, integration and data accuracy improves greatly.
  • Non-Physical Servers- Maintenance of hardware is not essential, simply because there is not physical hardware on-site at all.

WHY Clixofy ERP

There is a general reluctance for change amongst businesses because of the fact that they feel more comfortable and at ease with the preexisting systems.

In addition, lack of knowledge and perception about ERP solutions being very expensive stop enterprises from implementing ERP solutions.

But the dynamics and demands these days for any business to survive and grow,  it is imperative for them to have systems in place to improve efficiency.

ERP implementation by Clixofy can broadly be categorized into three phases: discovery, implementation, and results. In the initial phase, we install the software, build a prototype, and train your staff. In case of customization we mutually test the ERP system, create reporting templates, and run more targeted training sessions. Finally, we finalize the model of your ERP system, conduct readiness assessments, and go live. Clixofy provides expert level software implementation.

Taking a knowledge based approach to ERP implementation, We pair each client with a skilled consultant with proven industry experience. They take into account the customizations needed to help maintain and complete daily business activities. During the implementation process, clients are also able to take part in a training process.

Our Products

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